Craig Howser 2007 Historic Racing Club Tasman Revival

After a long engine rebuild we returned to pukekohe to race in the leisuretime series,my previous best lap time(with a relatively standrd engine)was 1.20,so was looking forward to some better lap times!!

Decided to join the Arrow Wheels sports & GT class as well to get as many laps in as possible.
Practice was fantastic with a 4th fastest time of 1.16.74.

Off to the 1st race and after a hard battle my first ever First place!!!best lap time 1.15.02.

Needless to say they bumped me up to the Tracer series,so i dont think there will be another win for awhile.

Had a few more good races but on sunday had a bit too much speed on around jennian and had to take to the infield to avoid a collision,kept the car uder control but the inside edge of the ripple strip was dug out and as i came across it some damage was caused!!!

Bent strut,cracked rotor,slight chassis damage,crawled back to the pits,ajusted the steering ready for the next race.

The next race was a great one as i set the best time of the weekend a 1.14.08

Took the car back to the shop and put a cover over it for a few weeks,then onto the chassis machine,replace the broken bits,make a few modifications.
The car now has side stands to make it a bit easier to work on.

Next Race is my first time on the road,we are doing the Hamilton Car Club rally of Waitomo on the 23rd June.